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Tanjung Pinang Treasures: Top Attractions and Must-Do Activities
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Tanjung Pinang Treasures: Top Attractions and Must-Do Activities

When one plans a holiday to Indonesia, it’s possible that the name ‘Tanjung Pinang’ may not be the first destination on your mind. This little known location, however, holds much promise to any traveler that is willing to be a bit more adventurous.

Tanjung Pinang is located on the Southwestern coast of Bintan island, which forms part of the Riau Archipelago. It is a town that has since grown into the capital of the Riau islands, and features a peaceful, yet surprising vibe. 

Getting to Know Tanjung Pinang

Many regard Tanjung Pinang as the gateway into Bintan and the rest of the Riau islands. It is a multicultural city, where you’ll find mosques, Buddhist temples, churches and Hindu temples in close proximity to one another.

Another attraction here is of course the lovely and pristine beaches. Besides looking forward to a relaxing day beside the sea, you can also find seafood aplenty.

When food is concerned, you’ll find a plethora of offerings from local Indonesian, Indian and Chinese food, at rather affordable prices too. In short, Tanjung Pinang is full of cuisines that many Malaysians will be familiar with. 

Top Attractions and Must-Do Activities

Tanjung Pinang offers many activities and tourist spots, both on Bintan island itself and its neighboring islands too. Here are some of our top picks:

1. Vihara Avalokitesvara Graha

The Vihara Avalokitesvara Graha is sometimes also called the Guan Yin or Goddess of Mercy temple. This temple is dedicated to the Goddess of Mercy and features one of the largest indoor meditating Guan Yin statues in Southeast Asia. 

The temple covers a large area, and you’ll be able to marvel at the handiwork of craftsmen who created the hundreds of Guan Yin statues on site. This peaceful temple is also a great place for some quiet reflection and contemplation.


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2. Penyengat Island

This smaller island can be reached by a short boat ride from the Tanjung Pinang jetty, which will cost you only 7,000 IDR (about RM2). Historically, Penyengat island was a popular stop for passing ships to resupply their fresh water.

Today, you’ll find a mosque (Masjid Raya Sultan Riau Penyengat) on the island that was made with a mixture of clay and egg yolks. Additionally, you’ll also find several historically significant tombs here. Most significant is that of Raja Haji Ali, a historian and poet who lives in the 1800s.

You can also visit other cultural attractions on the island, like the Kantor Palace and the Balai Adat Melayu ( Malay Culture gallery). 


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3. The Gonggong Building

The waters surrounding Bintan island are rich with a sea snail called the Gong Gongs, which are considered a local delicacy. You’ll be able to find Gonggongs in many of the local seafood establishments where they’re boiled, steamed or stir fried in a sauce. 

As a tribute to the island’s signature sea creature, the local authorities have built this gallery,which looks like the iconic sea snail. It functions as a tourist center and sits amidst a large garden area which overlooks the sea. 

It offers many iconic spots where you can take pictures to commemorate your visit to the island, as well as watching the sunset with your loved ones. 

4. Go on a Street Food Adventure

There’s nothing better than to go on the discovery trail of street food in Tanjung Pinang. There are basically two places that are popular with visitors. The first is the Rimba Food Centre, which is a food court where you can find multiple stalls. Here, you’ll find otak-otak and multiple stalls selling seafood which you can pick to be barbecued on the spot.

Another street food destination that comes alive at night is Akau Potong Lembu. This open air food court has many local Chinese delicacies, many of which are seafood based such as oyster omelet. 

5. Visit the local Market

There’s something about local wet markets that really bring out the character of a place. Going to the morning market lets you sample unique local produce as well. 

In Tanjung Pinang, you can check the markets at Jalan Plantar II and Jalan Pasar Ikan. Apart from local fruits and dried seafood, there are Keropok Gonggong yes, made from those famous sea snails to be bought as ready to eat snacks.


Photo Source: FB/PT.BintanAreca

6. Visit Areca Water Park

If you have your family in tow when visiting Tanjung Pinang, one family friendly attraction has to be Areca Water Park. Apart from a pool with a playground, your kids will love the dinosaurs on site as well. 

Apart from a children’s play pool with a giant water spurt, there’s also a wave pool and a fun river that snakes through the theme park. Don’t forget to check out the giant water slides too. All in all, Areca promises a day of fun for the whole family, and one that cools you down at that. 

7. Senggarang Island

Senggarang Island is yet another small island you can reach from the coast of Tanjung Pinang. It is actually about 10 minutes away from Penyengat island, so you can schedule a visit to both on the same day. 

Neither islands have lodgings on site, so you’ll have to make it a day trip. Senggarang is home to two interesting temples, namely the Banyan Tree temple and Sun Te Kong temple. 

The Banyan Tree temple is particularly interesting, as it features a giant Banyan tree that has melded together with the temple’s architecture. 


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8. The 500 Lohan Temple

This temple is one of the newest attractions in Tanjung Pinang, and has a giant carved statue that welcomes visitors at the gate. 

Inside the temple grounds, you’ll find hundreds of carved stone statues representing Chinese monks who have achieved enlightenment,known as Lohan.

All of these statues are life-sized and each one has different facial features.

The Bottom Line

Planning a trip to Tanjung Pinang from Malaysia is surprisingly easy. You can take a ferry directly from Johor Bahru to Tanjung Pinang and be there in about 3 hours. Food and accommodation on Bintan island is also affordable. 

The ease of travel makes Tanjung Pinang a great choice for a quick getaway. Book your tickets to Tanjung Pinang today with Berjaya Waterfront ferry terminal. We have a single trip available on weekdays, and two trips available on weekends to meet your needs. 

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