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Photo Source:  Freepik
Photo Source: Freepik

Tanjung Pinang Shopping Guide: Where to Find Authentic Souvenirs and Local Crafts

Tanjung Pinang is an eclectic place, with both modern and traditional attractions side by side. If you’re heading to this town on Bintan island, Indonesia, one of the basic things you’ll want to include in your itinerary is shopping. 

Apart from things like clothing and accessories, you’ll find lots of local seafood based items. These are some of the most popular souvenirs for visitors to bring home with them. Apart from that, you can also bring home their kuih lapis (layered cakes), ceramics and handicraft.

Here are some of the top spots to go shopping in Tanjung Pinang:

1. Tanjung Pinang City Centre

This modern mall in the heart of Tanjung Pinang boasts three levels of retail shops and a supermarket. You’ll find outlets selling shoes, clothes, accessories, electronics, gadgets and more. 

One of the more exciting things you can do is to check out the local HyperMart featuring local produce and snacks. You’ll find lots of Indonesian made food items that can’t be found back home, including snacks and instant foods. This supermarket is also where you can find the famous local delicacy, Kueh Lapis. 

There’s also a cinema and children’s play area here if you’re looking for some entertainment. This family friendly mall promises hours of fun and great shopping.


Photo Source: wikimapia/Bintan Indah Mall

2. Bintan Indah Mall

Bintan Indah Mall is located near the Sri Bintan Pura ferry terminal and the Tanjung Pinang wet market. It has an interesting layout, consisting of two rows of shops with a covered parking area/ pedestrian walkway connecting both rows. 

The mall is not fully enclosed and air-conditioned, so do dress suitably when you visit. At the entrance of the mall is a food court where you have your meals. Here, you’ll find dishes like Laksa, Mee Soto, Mee Siam, Mie Ayam and more. 

As you walk around the mall, you’ll come across shops selling local snacks and pastries, clothing, accessories and handicrafts. It’s a great place to shop for something to bring home to your loved ones.


Photo Source: FB/KerupukSiputGongGongTanjungpinang

3. Tanjung Pinang Traditional Market

Located on Jalan Pasar Ikan, this market is one of the larger ones on Bintan so you’ll find lots of local products here. One of the main products that visitors always look for is dried seafood, such as dried shrimps and anchovies. 

The great thing about this market, unlike the supermarkets, is that you’re allowed to haggle.You can expect prices to be more affordable too. Save even more when you get your bargaining mode on!

Apart from dried seafood, look out for fruits and local snacks, like keropok Gonggong a cracker made from local sea snails. There are also stalls selling handicraft, souvenirs, toys and local pastries or cakes.

4. Bestari Mall

If you’d like somewhere quiet to shop, Bestari Mall is one option to consider. It consists of a row of four storey buildings which opens up for you to enter more shops in the middle. 

Not many visitors know about this mall, so you can expect an authentic local experience. The shops cater to locals and consist of daily necessities like groceries and clothing. 

Although it might not be the first destination for you to find touristy products, you’ll be able to see what the locals are purchasing and try out Indonesian products.


Photo Source: FB/Zone 2000

5. Ramayana Wiratno Mall

Ramayana is a large department store that is located near the bridge to Pulau Dompak. Although it’s meant for the locals to shop for their daily needs, you’ll find some hidden gems here too. For instance, the clothing department has many traditional wear and Indonesian batik which will make perfect souvenirs. 

Parents with young children will also love Ramayana as they have a children’s play area/entertainment centre called Zone 2000. You can keep your children occupied and entertained here as well as fulfill your shopping needs. 

Ramayana Wiratno is also where you can find some modern food chains, like Bread Talk and J.Co Donuts if you’re missing such things.

6. Akau Potong Lembu Market

Akau Potong Lembu is a popular attraction in Tanjung Pinang for its open-air food court featuring some of the island’s most well-loved street food. However, if you visit in the morning before the food street starts business in late afternoon, you’ll find a wet market in operation. 

If you’re a fan of dried seafood, this wet market is where you can find those from local cottage industries. A true taste of what the island can offer visitors.


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7. Plaza Lagoi

In the North of Bintan Island, lies Plaza Lagoi, a large 2 hectare shopping and dining hub in the midst of many resorts on Lagoi bay. If you want to take a trip out of Tanjung Pinang for a more idyllic yet modern shopping experience, Plaza Lagoi is where you can head to. 

This open, modern shopping plaza features more than 60 shops including dining, apparel and souvenirs. Find comfortable eateries where you can satisfy your hunger in between visiting contemporary, air conditioned stores.

Plaza Lagoi also hosts special events, especially during festive seasons so do look out for those.

8. Rimba Jaya Night Market

Rimba Jaya plays host to a daily night market that begins about 4pm and ends at about 10pm. Do get there early to get the full experience. 

This night food court area has about 60 stalls, and many of them sell seafood based street-eats. However, you’ll also find stalls selling dried snacks and desserts. These are some of the authentic food based souvenirs you can bring home to your friends and loved ones.

Apart from cuisine, parents will be glad to know that there’s an entertainment area for children where they can go on rides, as well as a soccer pitch.

Shop ‘Til You Drop in Tanjung Pinang

Tanjung Pinang caters to all types of travelers, even the shopping enthusiasts. With such affordable prices and wide selection of products you can find at home, it is definitely worth exploring. 

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