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Photo Source:  truongdinhle567 | Freepik
Photo Source: truongdinhle567 | Freepik

Batam Bound: Family-Friendly Activities and Attractions

Batam is an Indonesian island off the Southern tip of Malaysia and is a popular getaway destination for tourists of all ages. This is because the island is easily accessible and also budget friendly. Additionally, Batam has many child-friendly attractions for endless fun and excitement. 

The generally warm and laid back attitudes of the locals also make this Indonesian island a welcoming one.

You’ll find that the place is very accommodating, with facilities that make traveling more interesting and comfortable for younger travelers, as well as their older counterparts.Here are some family-friendly activities and attractions you can pursue in Batam:

Mega Wisata Ocarina Batam

The Mega Wisata Ocarina is a theme park spanning 40 hectares which opened in 2008. Centrally located in Batam town, you’ll find that traveling here is a breeze. The park is located on the waterfront and plays host to a wide variety of activities. 

This includes a giant ferris wheel measuring 30 meters high, from which you can see the sprawling city from above. Various other rides are also available, or you can take things easy and stroll along the coastline where there are multiple photography spots. 

Those looking to experience local culture can visit the art village and culture village, as well as the heron pool. A swimming pool and wave pool is also available for those who want to splash around and cool off, or you can join in the fun at the small foam pool.

Kidzilla at Grand Batam Mall

Your children will love visiting Kidzilla, a play area that will make any child jump for joy. Located inside the iconic Grand Batam Mall, this sprawling indoor playground is perfect for days when the weather isn’t great for outdoor activities. 

The play area features plenty of exciting things to do, including a ball pool and slide. Your children can also ride toy cars, play video games, solve puzzles and climb a hanging bridge while they’re here. Best of all, you can accompany them for a small extra fee. 

Entrance tickets are pretty affordable, ranging from about RM25 to RM50 per child, depending on how long you want to spend there.

The Illusion Batam

Have a fun day out taking one of a kind pictures of the whole family at The Illusion. Located at the Golden City complex, this attraction is a series of rooms designed to play tricks on your eyes. The space is full of 3D installations that allow you to take pictures with special effects.

Use the unique setups here to look like you’re hanging upside down, falling or even flying. You can look like a giant, or like you’ve been shrunk by magic. 

Friendly staff members are on-hand to direct you and show you how to achieve the desired special effects at each installation, so that you return with a collection of the most conversation-worthy pictures ever.

Photo Source: fb/panbilnaturereserve

Panbil Nature Reserve

Opt for a slow paced and relaxing day with your loved ones at the Panbil Nature Reserve. Here, you have the opportunity to interact with Batam’s natural environment. 

There are several visitor packages available, and you can choose whether you want to interact with specific animals, or all of them. There are also packages for trekking, should you want to explore the wooded areas around the park. 

Families who visit will not want to miss the rabbit feeding zone, where visitors will be given cups of fresh vegetables to hand feed these lovable fluff balls and interact with them. Apart from rabbits, there are also guinea pigs, reptiles and birds in the vicinity. 

If you choose the soft trekking package, you’ll also be able to reach a deer sanctuary deeper in the reserve, and get up close to these majestic creatures.

Batam Miniature House

Visit this garden attraction in Batam to see miniature replicas of traditional homes and places of worship from all over Indonesia. 

The garden has no entrance fee, which makes it even more attractive. Visitors will be able to see traditional homes and architecture from more than 30 Indonesian provinces, as well as take pictures with them.

Apart from heritage homes, the garden also hosts miniature replicas of places of worship, representing all the major religions in Indonesia. This is a great place to learn more about Batam and Indonesian culture as a whole.

Golden City Go-Kart

Bring your loved ones out for a day of thrills and spills at a go-kart arena. There are several go-kart places in Batam, and one of them is located at the Golden City complex in Bengkong. At Golden City go-kart, you’ll find both single and double seater karts. 

They welcome families, with younger children allowed to ride with their parents in the same kart. Safety helmets are provided, and the track is padded with safety features to minimize any risk. Apart from go-karts, you’ll also find other rides here, like dirt bikes. 

Golden City is a good place to find outdoor activities, as the complex is also home to a flying fox facility, paintball area  and outdoor children’s playground.

Photo Source: fatomy|Freepik

Go For Water Sport Activities

Batam’s numerous beaches are the perfect spots to catch a thrilling ride on a banana boat. This special floater is able to fit several people on it at once, so you and your loved ones will be able to participate together. 

Apart from banana boating, you can choose from a plethora of other water activities, such as kayaking, canoeing, pedal boating, snorkeling, paragliding, hoverboarding and much more. 

Some of the places you can find these activities include Batam KTM Resort in Sekupang and Batam View Beach Resort in Nongsa.

The Bottom Line

Reaching Batam with your family these days is a walk in the park, especially with ferry terminals readily available. Berjaya Waterfront Ferry Terminal offers daily rides to Batam from Johor Bahru. 

This trip takes only around 2 hours, with versatile dates for your return tickets. Children between the ages of 2 and 13 travel at a cheaper rate, whilst babies below 2 years old travel for free. 

Book your Batam getaway with Berjaya Waterfront Ferry Terminal today, and plan an unforgettable trip with your loved ones. 
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